Benson United FC

Charter Standard Club

I am pleased to announce that once again the Football Association has confirmed Benson United as a Charter Standard Club for 2019. This is a positive endorsement that should reassure parents and guardians that the club is one of the best places for young people to come to play and enjoy football.
In particular Charter Standard clubs are able to demonstrate a positive football environment, where people can develop their skills, keep fit and enjoy playing as part of a friendly inclusive community.

What is included?

1) All teams have a qualified FA level 1 coach with up to date first aid training

2) The club follows and supports the FA policies, codes and practises e.g. the respect code and safeguarding children

3) Charter standard clubs have demonstrated that they are well run e.g. have an effective governance structure

I would like to thank Ian Lawrence – Club Secretary, who has navigated the club through the process and to this successful outcome


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